Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Think Small

A few small points to think about the next time you're practicing or teaching kata...

*Hand positioning: Why is the "hand that's not doing anything" always at my belt? Why wrap up for blocks? Why are my hands in a particular position while kicking?

*Stances: If common sense tells you that you would never fight someone while in a horse stance, why does the kata call for one? Why do this move in a cat stance instead of a front stance? Why am I standing on one leg?

*Blocks: Why would a kata end with a block instead of a "finishing blow?" Why am I blocking 3 times in succession? What am I blocking?

*Foot Positioning/Footwork: Why is it important to point my feet a certain way? Why turn away from the fight instead of toward it? What does turning accomplish in the first place?

*Targeting: Where is that punch supposed to go? Does it make a difference it that kick is knee-high or waist-high? What target area would do the most damage?

*Other Intangibles: Would this technique work in multiple situations, or is it designed for one particular outcome? Am I fighting multiple opponents or one relentless one? Could I perform this technique under stress? Does the technique make sense?

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